The Future Of Fashion Retail Is Already Here: Will You Adapt?

By Hadari Oshri

forbes.com — Today, there is a new kind of commerce forming. It is a blend between both offline and online experiences. It involves a combination of customers, retail and e-commerce. We are beginning to see this with companies such as Tesla, Amazon, Walmart and Peloton, as they blend online and offline elements of their businesses and pioneer the future of retail.

Three Reasons Why Fast Fashion Is Becoming A Problem (And What To Do About It)

By Hadari Oshri

forbes.com — Over the past 10 years, as I have gone from owning multiple retail fashion stores to a more tech-based fashion business, I have seen significant changes in the ways that clothes are being manufactured, shipped, sold and used. In fact, the way I do business has fundamentally changed in response to the new landscape of “fast fashion.” Fast fashion is a result of mass-market retailers increasing the production of inexpensive fashion lines to meet the demands of quickly changing trends.

The Future Of Fashion: How Fashion Tech Companies Can Build Community

By Hadari Oshri

forbes.com — My passion for fashion has driven me to dedicate my life to helping women of all ages and sizes have access to fashion that not only fits but makes them feel confident. With over 15 years in the fashion industry, I have experienced all kinds of shopping trends. And let’s face it, people shop differently today than ever before. Many modern-day transactions start with a user downloading an app and providing information such as their measurements and preferences.

Six Things To Maintain While Working With Investors

By Hadari Oshri

forbes.com — Growing up in Israel, in a family that didn’t have much money, I always ended up with secondhand clothes and outdated outfits. I got made fun of a lot because of what I wore. What really upset me was when I put together an outfit I liked and they still made fun of me. I didn’t want to get picked on for the rest of my life, so I got a part-time job and bought my own clothes. When I walked into class wearing a new outfit, I never felt so confident. Everyone was in shock.

Seven Business Lessons That They Don’t Teach In Fashion School

By Hadari Oshri

forbes.com — When it comes to becoming a fashion entrepreneur, it’s important to understand that some of your biggest lessons will not be learned in a book. Today, I run a successful international fashion tech company, but my path was far from typical. As an immigrant from Israel with no college education, I found my American dream through hard work, learning from my failures and an unrelenting passion for helping women find confidence through the clothes they wear.

Why You Need More Than Artificial Intelligence In The Fashion Tech Industry: 10 Things To Consider

By Hadari Oshri

forbes.com — In one form or another, you have likely heard about artificial intelligence (AI). Whether it is a Tesla driving for you, a robot winning Jeopardy, a chatbot, an algorithm or Siri telling you the weather forecast for the day, AI is becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives. Some say that AI will change the world for the better, while others see the technology as a threat to millions of human jobs.

How Technology Is Shaping The Future Of The Fashion Industry

By Hadari Oshri

forbes.com — When I ask people to imagine what the world will be like in 20 years, I hear a variety of answers, from flying cars to people living on Mars. But when I think about the future, I get excited to imagine the future of the fashion industry. As CEO of a fashion-tech company, I constantly search for technology innovations that will impact my sector.

Changing Things Up: The Art of Negotiations

By YEC WomenHadari Oshri

forbes.com — To be a good negotiator, you must learn to adapt quickly and not be afraid to try the opposite of your initial approach. When I was young, I always got picked on for the clothes I wore. I wore hand-me-downs and my mom never let me buy new clothes. People would come up to me during lunch and ask me if I got my outfit at a garage sale. It didn’t make me sad — it made me mad. And what really made me angry was that they would team up on me, laying on insults, one right after the other.

6 Ways To Manufacture Long-Lasting Relationships With Manufacturers

By YEC WomenHadari Oshri

forbes.com — When your business depends on manufacturing, it’s important to make sure to find and build the right relationships. The size of the global apparel business is growing. Companies who want a piece of this pie must learn to move quickly to follow trends, stay ahead of competitors and build solid relationships with textile manufacturers.

Why Being Super Selective Will Help You Hire a Super Startup Team

By YEC WomenHadari Oshriforbes.com — If you have ever had to hire someone, you know how important hiring the right person can be. Use this five-step system that has helped me find amazing employees. I have started multiple companies and have hired hundreds of people. Hiring is not always fun, but it is a key component to your growth. Get in the Right State of MindMaking the transition to building a team can be difficult. Before you start the hiring process, it is important that you are in the right mindset.

How To Build A Community For Your Brand And Boost Your Sales

By YEC WomenHadari Oshri

forbes.com — I’ve never been afraid to knock on doors to make sales. In fact, I love it. It teaches you the most valuable sales lessons of all and, if you’re good at it, face-to-face sales can close a lot of deals. But if you are selling products in the 21st century, your sales process needs to be built for growth. Selling the way companies used to simply does not scale. The newest way to sell is by getting your customers to sell for you.

Break Through The Walls That Are Holding You Back

By YEC WomenHadari Oshri

forbes.com — People often ask me how my fashion company went from local to global so quickly. I explain that my success is rooted in a simple method when facing challenges. I view challenges as walls, then simply break through any wall that is keeping me from what I want. When I say “walls,” I am referring to anything that can and will get in your way. I have learned through life and business experiences that these “walls” are what hold us back from great opportunity that is actually within our reach.

11 Effective Ways To Help Your Employees Become Good Leaders

women2.com Business owners can take advantage of multiple leadership training opportunities, including mentorship programs, dedicated industry seminars and online courses, to help team members develop strong leadership skills.

We asked members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) to share their top advice for effectively and efficiently investing in leadership training for your team.

11 Tips For Making A Great First Impression With New Clients

forbes.com – As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. In addition, studies have shown that we make judgments about new people we meet within a matter of seconds. Whether the meeting is planned or impromptu, it’s especially important to get off on the right foot with a potential new business client.

Seven Reasons Fashion Retailers Are Going Out of Style

by Hadari Oshri

huffpost.com – You may have heard of retail fashion companies going out of business or filing for bankruptcy, but do you know why?