“The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible.”

Hadari Oshri is an American-Israeli entrepreneur known for her visionary ideas, strong network, and multiple businesses she established. However, her success story is everything but typical. She started humbly and grew her business to success. Nowadays, she is focused on mentoring other women to successfully run their businesses and avoid mistakes she herself has made along the way.

Talent for sales and her early career
She started her career as a door-to-door salesperson by selling telecommunication packages in Israel. After six months of closing no deals, one of her managers saw potential in her and decided to mentor her. His support and guidance helped her, not only to start closing deals but to become the company’s top performer.

She put her sales career on hold when she decided to follow her heart and move to the US after marrying her (ex) husband, an Israeli fashion designer. Working by his side, opening fashion retail stores (including some of the most sought-after locations in the US, such as Beverly Hills, Century City, Ventura, Topanga, etc.) she gained experience in the export and import side of the business, closed multi-million dollar deals whilst discovering strong affinity towards entrepreneurship. She established a strong network of buyers, sellers, investors, bankers, and other valuable connections. She tackled all aspects of the business and learned important lessons firsthand, by making mistakes.  

Networking is crucial
Having a strong entrepreneurial spirit, now combined with industry experience, she launched her own shoe brand simply named Hadari Shoes. Being well connected with suppliers, she could source top-quality products whilst negotiating low prices with manufacturers. This became second nature for her as she continued to expand the shoe business. She attended national fashion conferences to build key relationships with US buyers, including stores like Nordstroms, Marshalls, and Modcloth (sold in 2017 to Jet.com, a Walmart company, for 75 million dollars).

Building an empire whilst empowering

Following the success of her previous endeavors, she started a wholesale company called Hadari Online. Hadari recognized the potential of online shopping and chose to fill the gap in the market by partnering with Overstock.com. Hadari Online became their number one provider for clothing, shoes, and accessories. Simultaneously, Hadari Online became a top supplier for Zulily.

As the visionary, Hadari spotted another gap in the fashion industry and decided to revolutionize the fashion market. She established a new fashion brand Xehar. Professionally, with Xehar, she saw the potential in the underserved markets for curvy women aged 18 to 35. Privately, she wanted to impact these women by empowering them.

Xehar was more than just the brand; it was a mentorship program. Hadari wanted to encourage women to become the best versions of themself. She started collaborations with niche influencers and promoted the brand in a bold new way through social media promotions. She was always eager to help young, ambitious women, knowing how much she herself appreciated the guidance in her early days. She created Xehar online university for her clientele. It was a place for women to find the right advice, mentorship, and motivation to enhance and improve their lives. Many of these women, she personally mentored and hired.

Learning from her mistakes

Her investor backed out despite all her efforts and groundbreaking marketing ideas, and her business endeavor failed. Regardless of all her efforts, she wasn’t able to save the business. Facing many challenges that followed closing the Xerah brand, such as a lack of funds to proceed or reinvest in other businesses or even to pay out her staff or suppliers, Hadari felt she failed the team. This is still her biggest regret.

Yet, she never gave up. She worked 24/7, reaching out to all potential and previous investors and creating new business opportunities to reinvent herself as a businesswoman. As an entrepreneur, mentor and visionary, she was set on regaining her wealth, reputation, and zest for success. And she did it. She rose like a phoenix from ashes.

She relied on her network, trusted friends, colleagues, and business partners. Most importantly, she relied on herself, her own persistence, vision, and experience.

 Rising like a phoenix from the ashes

Flipping inventory is something she mastered. She knew that the fastest way to gain cash was to find some inventory to buy low and sell high. She got a lead on a deal and managed to sell a container of goods that secured a hefty commission.

She launched a successful new business by finding new investors for import and export container deals.

The new beginning

Hadari always believed that good business starts with solving real problems. Navigating the large international import and export markets, she has a neck in detecting problems that are worth solving. For her, the core of a successful business lies in trust between broker, buyer, and seller. Her future vision includes a platform where brokers, sellers, and buyers can go and find trusted transactions. As she works to build a new trusted trading platform, she is focused on creating content around her life and business experiences to empower other entrepreneurs navigating the wild world of big deals.

The power of giving back

One thing that has stayed the same through all the changes she has experienced is her passion for giving back and helping to mentor others. She volunteers at the Friendship Circle, an organization for kids with special needs. Helping to give special needs kids a supportive environment outside of their house helps keep her grounded and stay humble. Simply playing silly games, working on puzzles, building Lego towers, and spending quality time with kids being kids helps her remind how fulfilling the simple things in life really are. Having volunteered since 2007, she has had the chance to see these kids grow into young adults, and it is so special for her to know that she is a part of their lives. She knows that it makes a difference not only to the kids, their families, and the Friendship Circle community but also to herself.

Seeing others succeed

Hadari seeks inspiration in the words of her life coach, who told her almost ten years ago that the best way to turn mistakes into momentum is to not only learn from them but teach others how to avoid the mistakes you have made. And that best describes Hadari. Mentoring comes in many shapes and forms, and she enjoys giving young entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn about business first-hand.

She keeps an eye on her social media feeds, looking for talented entrepreneurs who express their desire to gain experience in various business ventures. When she finds the right mentees, she invites them to a WhatsApp group chat to connect with them and help them gain access to her network. They are often surprised at how much value they can add to business deals she is involved with, and many of them get a unique behind-the-scenes look at how business lessons translate to closing big deals. For example, a recent mentee participated in multiple deals that grossed over ten million dollars in revenue. Not only was he able to learn, but he also earned a hefty commission in the process. She believes that the more we learn, the more we earn. And the more we share our life and business lessons with the next generation, the better off we will all be.    

Let’s support each other on this journey

The one thing that life has taught her is that no matter where you are, when you work hard, you will see progress. Join Hadari’s journey by friending her on Facebook, following her on Twitter, and connecting on LinkedIn to see how she can help you discover your full potential.